Cayman Islands offers an excellent selection of schools.

Educational facilities range from pre-k/kindergarten school through to universities, which include a law school and a medical school. There are both public and private schools which operate on either the British System (Cayman Prep and High School, St. Ignatius Catholic School, and Government schools) or the American System (Cayman International School, First Baptist School, Grace Christian Academy, and Triple C). The Cayman Islands Government mandates that work-permit holders employed in the private sector should enrol their children in private schools. If the expatriate is employed by the government, the employee has the option of enrolling their children in a public school. Caymanian children have the option of attending either public or private schools. Most private schools have long waiting lists so it is imperative that parents enrol their children as early as possible at a minimum of two preferred primary schools.

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The Cayman Islands Government operates a number of primary and secondary schools; however, because of limited space in the primary schools, non-Caymanian children have to be enrolled in private schools.

Cayman has a strong Christian heritage and many of the schools were started by churches in the formative years. Some of the schools favored are:

  • Cayman Prep & High (United Church, formerly Presbyterian/Church of Scotland) Walkers Road, George Town, British system. Phone: 949 9115.
  • St. Ignatius Prep & High (Catholic Church) Walkers Road, George Town, British system. Phone: 949 9250
  • George Hicks (C I Govt) middle school ages Off Walkers Road, George Town, British system. Phone: 949 9488
  • John Gray High School (C I Govt) Walkers Road, George Town, British system. Phone: 949 9444
  • Triple C School (Chapel Church of God), elementary to high school Fairbanks Road, George Town, American system. Phone: 949 6022.
  • Grace Christian Academy primary and middle school ages Crescent Close, West Bay, American/International system. Phone: 945 0899.
  • Cayman International School (CIS) Caman Bay, American system. Phone: 945 4664.
  • First Baptist Christian School (First Baptist Church) Crewe Road, George Town, American system. Phone: 945 7906.
  • Montessori By The Sea toddler to middle years Prospect, Phone: 947 0684.
  • Hope Academy PreK4 to Grade 11 Grand Harbour Shoppes, American system. Phone: 769 4673.

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