The importance of a home inspection
January 03, 2017

The importance of a home inspection

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There are many magnificent Cayman Islands properties for sale that feature stunning locations and beautiful sea views, and equally comfortable family homes and condos in lovely neighbourhoods on Grand Cayman.

The curb appeal of these properties often compels prospective buyers – particularly those new to Grand Cayman - to quickly submit an offer for purchase. However, it is important to take time to do proper diligence and consider factors such as location, lifestyle and carrying costs before making a major investment in Cayman Islands real estate.

When it comes to location, take time to consider proximity of the property to work, schools, grocery stores and amenities important to your lifestyle.

Home Inspection Checklist

Caribbean beachfront homes for sale are particularly appealing when considering island lifestyle. After all, what could be better than to wake up each morning to views of a dazzling turquoise sea, and to be just footsteps away from swimming, snorkeling, watersports and beach walks. However, beachfront homes are highly susceptible to environmental impacts and accordingly, a home inspection is an important investment before purchasing a beachfront or other property in Grand Cayman.

Prime Locations Cayman works closely with Cayman’s only licensed Home Inspection firm – West Point Inspections -

Owner and lead inspector Kel Ebanks has 17 total years of construction and inspection experience both in the US and Cayman, and is also U.S licensed as a Home Inspector and General Contractor. Kel’s a busy guy but prides himself in being thorough and delivers detailed reports buyers and sellers can stand behind. When you engage a home inspector to conduct an inspection of a Cayman residential property, they will do a complete review of the property; the roof, windows & doors, plumbing, structural integrity, electrical wiring, a/c’s, appliances, etc. The home inspector can also perform a survey of the swimming pool as an additional service if one is located on the property, and check that the septic system and well are in working order. Ideally, a comprehensive home inspection report should be completed prior to making an offer; discovery of any issues with the property may result in lowering the offering price to the vendor or even deciding to consider other properties. The reports come with a cost so as an alternative purchaser’s can present an offer that is “subject to” the receipt of a satisfactory report.

Home Inspection Report

Unlike legislation in other jurisdictions, vendors of Cayman Islands properties for sale are not required to disclose issues that may exist with the property, or past damages due to flooding, plumbing issues, termite infestations or other incidents that may cause a property structural issues not immediately evident to the casual observer. Keep this in mind even when buying luxury homes for sale in Cayman Islands.

This is not to suggest that most properties in Cayman Islands are fraught with issues; indeed, the island has a reputation for quality property construction and extensive government planning oversight of the construction process. It is just important to remember that buying property, whether as your primary residence or as a vacation home, is a significant investment so ask your realtor and the owner the right questions and get an inspection.

For more information on properties for sale in Cayman Islands and to learn more about conducting a home inspection, contact Paul Young at Prime Locations Cayman at or 1-345-936-8888.