Prime Locations Cayman Proud to be CIREBA Certified by Paul Young
September 07, 2016

Prime Locations Cayman Proud to be CIREBA Certified

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Prime Locations Cayman and Broker/Owner Paul Young are proud members of CIREBA - The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association. CIREBA is the only professional Association of Realtors in the Cayman Islands and has been in operation since 1987. At you have access to over 160 member agents and through our Multiple Listing System (MLS), you can search thousands of properties. For service, follow through, and peace of mind be sure your professional real estate agent is a member of CIREBA.

The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA) is a not-for-profit Association that was set up in 1987 to provide a professional network for the different real estate companies in the Cayman Islands. Today it provides the Multiple Listing System (MLS) and acts as a central source of information for its Members, including the publication of a quarterly magazine.

To be a member of CIREBA, agents and brokers must follow the Association’s code of business standards as set out in CIREBA’s Rules and Regulations. A high level of competence is expected from all Members and they must adhere to the Code of Ethics set down by the Association. CIREBA monitors the business standards and practices of all its Members to ensure fair, honest and professional dealings in all real estate transactions.

CIREBA conducts regular training courses for its Members to ensure on-going professional development and to ensure agents and brokers are kept up-to-date with current business practices, the latest statutory regulations and all requirements of Cayman’s real estate industry. Qualification through course attendance and examination is now part of the mandatory requirements for all CIREBA Members.

Dealing with a CIREBA Member is your assurance of doing business with a trained professional who at all times will be guided by the high standards set by CIREBA. The combination of the marketing efforts of this powerful network along with what Prime Locations Cayman brings to the table ensures your property is well represented. If you would like to find out more about CIREBA or Prime Locations Cayman, please contact Paul Young at