10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent in the Cayman Islands by Paul Young
May 28, 2019

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent in the Cayman Islands

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Buying or selling a house is an exciting experience and one of the most important decisions for anyone, especially on financial terms. To seal a sound deal, it is better to rely on a real estate agent who is well aware of the ins and outs of the Cayman Islands real estate market to enhance your overall experience. The agent also oversees the negotiation, assists you in buying/selling procedure and relieves you from apprehensions.

The Cayman Islands being the prime location for property investors, it is more often a challenge to find the right real estate agent. Cut through the marketing hype and find the best real estate agent in the Cayman Islands with our checklist comprising of ten things you should consider before picking a real estate agent.

  • 1. Person over experience

    Choose an agent who will work with and for YOU! Experience matters, but it shouldn't be the only driving force to reach a conclusion. You will be spending a lot of time with your agent whether selling or buying. So, pick someone who has good negotiation and communication skills and is relatable.

  • 2. Knowledge is the Key

    What's the use of employing the real estate agent if he/she can't address your queries and concerns? While there are many Cayman Islands properties for sale, some of the best ones are recognized in the market only after they are sold. So, does the agent or company has an extensive network and capability to intimate you of such deals? To find the best real estate company in the Cayman Islands, ensure you ask all the important questions and gauge their knowledge of the local real estate market.

  • 3. Current listings

    Peruse the agent's website and current listings of properties to see if they match your expectations. In addition, ensure that the listed details are accurate, photos are of high quality, and videos or virtual tours are available. Because sooner or later it will be one of your properties listed up there if you're selling or your future home if you're buying or renting.

  • 4. Referrals from other homeowners

    Even though most part of your search for a home takes place online, it is best to ask for referrals for a real estate agent from people who have had past experience(s). It is a great way to find out the reliability and outline the character sketch of an agent. In addition, a referral from a past client is an agent's biggest compliment.

  • 5. Clear Communication

    Are you comfortable communicating with the real estate agent? Is the agent replying quickly to your emails or messages? The smooth communication with your agent is essential. Additionally, if you feel there is any undue pressure, walk right off! He/she is not the one for you.

  • 6. Compassion and Honesty

    It is stressful enough to buy or sell a property. Over and above, if you are compelled to do it under unfavorable circumstances, having a patient and compassionate real estate agent proves to be a boon. And it is crucial to have a person of ethics to carry out the search for you. So, before selecting ensure you interview the agent carefully.

  • 7. Access to right tech tools

    Is the person making use of the right kind of contemporary tools like a website to get the perfect fit for you? There are many who may still be living in the stone-age. Ensure you check as well as ask the agent or company if they have a website, presence on social media and more.

  • 8. Research online

    We live in an era where we have information and a lot of it, at our disposal. Don't choose a real estate agent just because they are your friend's friend or someone whom your neighbors recommended. Scour the web, interview agents and then select the final one.

  • 9. Can you trust the person?

    Buying or selling a house is a big decision and selecting a person you can't trust just because everyone is creating a hype doesn't mean you have to choose that person. Take your time, listen carefully to what the person says and how he/she answers your concerns. Do Not Rush!

  • 10. Don't ignore your intuitions

    So you met a successful agent but do you like him/her on a personal level? If the answer is no, keep looking for the perfect fit until it feels right. Don't settle for someone that doesn't gratify you. Always listen to your gut feeling.

These are some of the basic things to consider when looking for a potential agent in the Cayman Islands. As the most trusted real estate company in the Cayman Islands, we do not take liberties when hiring talents! We take extreme care of these subtleties and employ only the best real estate agents who gratify the above checklist.

With such outlook, we welcome the latest members to our ever-growing team of passionate and dedicated real estate agents:

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